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Guides Secret presented by Guides Choice Tackle


“Guides Choice Tackle Re-brands Its Tackle Line And Introduces A New Lure Series”

In 2010 Captain Frank Crescitelli introduced the world to Guides Choice Tackle, a fishing tackle company that garnered rave reviews from around the country for producing high-quality, fish-catching lures. They were the first mass-produced lures to tap into the knowledge of those who know fishing best: the nation’s best fishing guides, surf pro’s and tournament winners.

Today Captain Crescitelli is announcing a name change for the company’s tackle line. Guides Choice Tackle introduces “Guides Secret Professional Grade Fishing Gear.” The reason for the name change? “I feel like the new name better described the vision and design of the gear,” says Crescitelli. “This tackle really comes from ‘guides secrets’ and it is the highest grade available on the market. I wanted the name to reflect that.” Additionally, the term “Guides Choice” is used in many different industries but there is only one Guides Choice Tackle, by Capt. Frank Crescitelli, only one line if lures made this tough, and only “Guides Secret Professional Grade Fishing Gear” anywhere!

In addition, Captain Crescitelli is also announcing an exciting new series of lures that are being manufactured by his company. The Shore Catch Series, created in partnership with two of the nation’s finest fishing guides, represents the expanding vision of the company, which makes lures that cover the entire fishing industry—from blue marlin to bluefish—all based on the secret lures of well-known fishing guides.

While most tackle companies develop a product first, then seek professional endorsement, Guides Secret Professional Grade Fishing Gear “reverse engineers” the process. “We started with the lures that we as professionals cannot live without in our charter business, and then looked at how we could either improve them, or redesign them,” says Crescitelli; a world-renowned fishing guide who, during a 30-year career on the water, has field-tested thousands of fishing products.

Guides Choice Tackle works with the best fishing guides in every different fishery to bring their own “secret, must have” lures into mass production.

Guides Choice Tackle was launched with the Fin Chaser Series, a selection of lures borne from the vast knowledge and experience of Crescitelli and his crew at Fin Chaser Charters and surf “sharpies” who shared their “go to” lures.

The new Shore Catch Series is a result of a design partnership with Capt. Gene Quigley and Shell. E. Caris of Shore Catch Guide Service. Few guide services in the world have been as successful as Capt. Gene Quigley, Shell E. Caris & their team of captains & guides at Shore Catch Guide Service. Guiding clients to trophy fish for over a decade they do it all. Boat, surf, bay or offshore, they know what lures work, & which colors catch fish. The Shore Catch Series represent their “don’t leave home without em” plugs. Covering a wide range of fishing situations & fish, these lures are as versatile as the Shore Catch Guides themselves. Collectively, these two guide services have guided literally thousands of clients to ten’s of thousands of fish.

The hallmarks of the Guides Secret lures are toughness and the ability to hook and land fish. To ensure that no “big ones” get away, all the lures are through-wired with heavy-duty stainless steel, and have the strongest split rings available, and the sharpest, strongest hooks as well. Wolverine triple row split rings hold VMC 3X hooks securely to the plug creating an “iron grip” on the fish.

“From the beginning, I wanted to make the, strongest, best quality plastic plug on the market, lures that reminded anglers of vintage lures of days gone by, ones that caught fish, lasted and didn’t cost a fortune,” said Crescitelli. “We’ve done it with our Guides Secret Line.”

This past year Guides Secret Professional Grade Cast Nets were introduced at trade shows in the northeast, and through seminars at these shows. Crescitelli has taught hundreds of people how to throw a perfect “parachute” every time. The nets are hand-made, custom-cast nets and come with a DVD showing his simple method, which was designed to work with the custom features like the “super stiff” lead line, and soft monofilament mesh. These nets, designed for easy opening, are hand-sewn and assembled using the best materials available.

 Not to be forgotten is the valuable marine resource that is critical to our fun and success. As chairman of the Fishermen’s Conservation Association, Crescitelli has a history of giving back. Guides Secret Professional Grade Fishing Gear donates 5% of its pre tax sales of its Guides Secret lure line to help protect the fish that we all love to catch!


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